Kereta Api Indonesia (persero) Recruitment

the presence of a train in Indonesia marked the first pencangkulan KA road construction in the village of Kemijen, Friday 17 June 1864 by Governor General of the Netherlands East Indies, Mr. L.A.J van den Beele Sloet Baron. Development initiated by Naamlooze Venootschap Spoorweg Nederlandsch Indische Maatschappij (NV. In DUTCH) led by IR. j. p. de Bordes from Kemijen towards the village of Responsibility (26 Km) and the gauge 1435 mm. this road was opened to the public on Saturday, August 10, 1867. Up to 1939, the length of the RAILWAY in Indonesia reached 6.811 km. However, in 1950 the length was reduced to 5.910 km, less Iebih 901 Km vanished, which is due to be dismantled during the occupation of Japan and transported to Burma for road construction RAILWAY there. The train PT. Indonesia (Persero) is a company engaged in the largest transportation services in Indonesia, that prioritizes professionalism and performance, this time in need of professionals of high integrity to be placed as a Staff Associate-level experts (Manager) field of accounting with the following qualifications:
  1. S1/S2 Education Accounting
  2. Register Accountant Certificate (graduated PPAk)
  3. have a Brevet A and B
  • hand signed cover letter
  • IjazahS1/S2 that has legalised
  • transcript of the value S1/S2 that has legalised
  • Mark Population 4 cards (KTP) is still valid
  • the certificate TOEFL Internet Based Test (IBT) with a score of 80 or equivalent
  • Fitting the latest size color photos 4 X 6 cm
  • Good Behavior Certificate from a valid Police Department
  • Healthy Affidavits from Doctors
  • Affidavit prepared in place throughout the company is part of Rp. 6,000 rupiah
  • Certificate Register Accountant (graduated PPAk)
  • Brevet Certificate 11 A and B
  • Curiculum Vitae, listing work experience up to now
  • other vocational skills Certificate/owned
 if you are interested with the info please follow these steps:
 BUMN Recruitment
 deadline 07 Juny 2013
 PT Kereta Api Indonesia Persero

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