BTPN Syariah Recruitment

Bank SHORT BTPN has had the experience of over 50 years in the banking business, and through SHORT BTPN's Sharia is committed to helping millions of Indonesian people in realizing a dream and increase potential pre-prosperous family. SHORT BTPN start listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2008 and a year later to add business financing for micro enterprises in addition to the retirement portfolio of banking services. In SHORT BTPN, we believe that people of all layers have a desire to achieve a more meaningful life. Through the business we run, we are providing access, information and training that can help them to gain the eagerness.

Join us for the position:

Builder Center (PS)
West Java

  • Education D3/S1
  • Preferably Female and unmarried
  • Maximum age 27 years
  • Capable of driving a motorcycle
  • Willing to live and work in the villages of West Java region
  • Love the work with high mobility and field assignment
  • Interested in helping and serving the pre-prosperous family
 If you are interested with the info please follow these steps:
 Btpn Syariah
 Deadline 14 Juny 2013
 Builder Center

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