CPNS BKKBN Requirements For Applicants

In order to fill vacancies CPNS formation Year 2013 Budget, as set out by decision of the Minister of State for Administrative Reform and reform of the Bureaucracy by 2013: 182 Number Of formations of the civil servants Agency of the National population and family planning of budget Year 2013, 21 August 2013, BKKBN opens an opportunity for citizens of the Republic of Indonesia became interested in CPNS BKKBN, with the following conditions:

  1. General requirements
  • citizen of Indonesia are Cautious to God Almighty;
  • the high integrity of the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia;
  • never dismissed with respect to the request does not own or does not
  • with respect to as PNS/TNI/Polri or laid off not with respect
  • as employees of the private sector;
  • Not serves as the Candidate/Candidates/civil servants, members of the TNI/POLRI or
  • members/officers of a political party;
  • Was extended 35 years on October 1, 2013 (born after September 30, 1978);
  • is willing to be placed in the entire territory of Indonesia;
  • college graduates and certified by the State or private university which has been accredited by the National Accreditation Board of higher education (BANPT) at least B or Foreign Universities that have gained approval from the Ministry of education and culture. Certificate Graduate Diploma/Whilst not applicable;
  • Meet qualifications requirements (level and departments) are in accordance with vacancies formation position;
  • physical and spiritual Health as well as do not have physical limitations (senses) and mentally that will impede the good work in the Office or in the field.
  1. specific requirements
  • Index of achievement Cumulative GPA of at least 2.75 (two comma seventy-five);
  • have a card job seekers (yellow card);
  • at least master the basic use of computers (Microsoft office) and the internet
  • (browsing & electronic mail);
  • never sentenced to imprisonment or confinement upon the verdict of the Court, as evidenced by a copy of the Police Record Certificate (SKCK) the legalisir is still valid;
  • For a married son has a maximum of 2 people in accordance with the Programme on population and family planning (KKB).
  • register online through the site with the
  • filling/complement the data required in the application and answer questions as the initial filtering as well as print registration form (online registration);
  • for those applicants who pass the initial screening selection stated must submit the application through the file PO BOX set no later than September 24, 2013 (postmarked). The application files are not sent via the PO BOXES will not be processed by the Committee. PO BOX number each location he proposed will be announced later on this website at the time of announcement of the results of the initial screening selection;
  • the application File is sent through a PO BOX as a location he proposed consists of:
  • proof of registration online (retrieved after applicants fill in the data on the application form are complete and correct);
  • Fitting the latest color photos, size 3 × 4 as much as two (2) pieces with background
  • background blue color;
  • photocopy of valid ID CARD;
  • copy of yellow card/card job seekers (legalisir wet stamp) is still valid;
  • copies of Affidavits and Affidavits able-bodied free from Drugs
  • from Government Hospitals or Clinics (legalisir wet stamp);
  • cover letter hand written and signed by the applicant using black ink, addressed to the head of BKKBN by mentioning the position applied for;
  • photocopies of diplomas and transcripts of academic grades that have already legalised wet stamp (stamp and signature of the Dean/Associate Dean of Academics/Program Director/Rector) and the certificate of accreditation for the accreditation does not list ijazahnya;
  • copies of Affidavits police records (SKCK) is still valid (legalisir wet stamp);
If you are interested with this info please follow these steps:
 Please sent your application letter to:

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