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PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) (PT KAI KAI abbreviated or) is a State-owned enterprise which hosted the Indonesia railway transport services. PT Indonesia Train service includes passengers and goods transportation. At the end of March 2007, the HOUSE of REPRESENTATIVES ratified the revision of ACT No. 13/1992, [1] which affirmed that the private investors as well as local governments are given the opportunity to manage the railway transport services in Indonesia. On August 14, 2008, PT Indonesia did splitting Railway Division of Jabodetabek to PT KAI Jabodetabek Commuter (KCJ) to manage train commuters in Jakarta and surrounding areas. during 2008 the number of passengers exceeds the 197 million.

Criteria For Applicants:
  1. Indonesia Citizen (WNI)
  2. healthy physical/rohani and not bespectacled and not color blind
  3. being of good character
  4. IPA SMA/SMK Suitably Machine automotive, Electrical/Electronics, and average values for nem at least 6.50
  5. the age of the applicants as of 01 December 2014 perfect humility 18 years and a maximum of 30 years in height-tall
  6. Man, with a minimum height of 160 cm (ideal body weight)
  7. never involved Drugs or psychotropic substances
  8. Not tattooed and bertindik
  9. be willing to be placed throughout the working area the train PT. Indonesia (Persero)
  10. pass in the selection of candidates for new workers organized by the Committee for recruitment and PT.Train Indonesia (Persero).
KAI Vacancies

Requirements cover:
  • copy of HIGH SCHOOL Diploma/SMK legalised.
  • copy of the NEM has been legalised.
  • Copy KartuTanda inhabitants (KTP) is still valid.
  • Fit the latest 4X6 size color photos.
  • medical examination at the clinic early railways (address at the end of this announcement clinic) executed on 6 s. d 10 January 2015 to coincide with the Administration's initial selection (for the selection of the initial administration reserves the right to pass the selection phase of the beginning)
  • copy birth certificate/Born Unacquainted
  • Original Certificate of good Conduct from a Police Department
  • affidavit of willing is required by applicable law and excluded from the company, if the data provided at the time of applying for is not true/false, part of Rp. 6,000 fare (hand written themselves).
  • Waiver is willing to be placed in all areas of the company part of Rp. 6,000 entrance (own hand written)
  • Curiculum Vitae, listing work experience up to now
  • highest Diploma owned when there are
  • other skills Certificate if applicable
  • drug free certificate from the Police Department
If you are interested with this info please follow these steps:
PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero)
Should you interested, please apply at the Open
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