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To implement this vision,Bank Danamon is determined andcommitted to "Leading Financial Institutions in Indonesia" and presence. foundedin 1956. Interestingly, Bank Danamon's name comes from "monetary fund" he said. "Danamon" put in one of thelargest financial institutions inIndonesia with around 61.875employees (including subsidiaries) as of September 2011. To meet all the needs of its customers, Bank Danamonbusiness approach. Until the end of 2004, Bank Danamon has a complete range of business segments, ranging from commercial and SME banking, retail banking, Islamic banking, financial institutions, treasury, mass market, capital market, the credit card business and corporate banking, as well as Adira Finance.

Account Officer
Kalimantan Timur - Balikpapan, Petung, Melak, Samarinda, dan Bontang

  • A minimum 2.75 GPA, D3, maximum age 35 years
  • Willing to work in the market area
  • Has the soul of marketing
  • Target-oriented
  • Has an extensive network
  • Have the SIM C and two-wheel drive
  • Master local languages and get to know the local community
Danamon own vision of a caring and helping millions of people to achieve prosperity.
Deadline 6 April 2013
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 Account Officer recruitment 
 Bank Danamon
 Selection 2013

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