PDAM Giri Menang Mataram Professional Staff

logo_pdamPDAM Regional drinking water or a company is one of the business unit belongs to the region, which is engaged in the distribution of clean water for the public. TAPS is in each of the provinces, districts, and municipalities all over Indonesia. TAPS is the regional companies as a means of providing clean water which is supervised and monitored by the Executive or legislative district aparataparat. The drinking water company that managed the country as a modern colonial era existed from the Netherlands in the 1920s under the name Waterleiding Japan occupation while in the drinking water company named Suido Syo.
Educational Qualifications
Local drinking water company (PDAM) Giri Wins, opening the opportunity to citizens of Indonesia to be inaugurated, with educational qualifications as follows:


  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Psychology
  • Human Resource Management
  • Management/Informatics
  • Legal Science
  • Engineering Geodesy
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Irrigation Techniques
General Requirements
  • a citizen of Indonesia
  • not in the bond with the other agencies and willing to undergo the bond in PDAM Giri Wins for 2 years.
  • unmarried Status and be willing not to marry during the bond.
  • being of good character and was never sentenced to jail or confinement based on a court decision that has the force of law, which was declared by Police Affidavits.
  • never be dismissed with respect to the request does not own or not with respect to as CIVIL SERVANTS/members of the TNI/Polri, or dismissed as an employee with respect is not private.
  • the physical and spiritual able-bodied.
  • able to operate the computer at least Word processor, Spread Sheet, Internet and Email.
  • Special Requirements
  • graduates of Bachelor Stratum 1/4 Diploma and Graduate Diploma 3 (D-3) College accredited course of study at minimum a minimum 3.00 GPA as well as B in the scale 4.
  • mastering the language of the United Kingdom as evidenced by min. TOEFL score of 450.
  • as of 31 December 2013 are as high as possible; 24 years for Diploma-3 and 27 years for undergraduate Diploma Holders 1/4.
If you are interested with this info please follow these steps:
PDAM Giri Menang Mataram
  • Applicants register ONLINE through the website TAPS GIRI win (
  • Applicants who have been selected according to the requirements of the registration shall be adjusted by the amount of the need.

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